A Whopper of a deal! Burger King offering free smartphones! Could one soon be yours?!

Burger King...getting into the smartphone business? The fast food giant is giving away free smartphones (granted you pay for a new or upgraded two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.)

The offer launched on Monday, August 25th.

The phones include models like the Moto X, the Samsung G4, the LG Optiums G Pro, the HTC One M7 and the Motorola Droid Mini.

Burger King is giving away the phones to celebrate the release of the new Burger King Android App.

Customers can get access to the phones on bk.com/android -- using the promo code FREEPHONE.

Once a customer gets a new phone, they will be asked for their email address, and will be encouraged to download Burger King's app.

CLICK HERE to access the Burger King Android App.