A virus was attacking his heart: He was placed on the transplant list...and then something miraculous happened

PHOENIX (WITI) -- He contracted a virus that attacked his heart. He was placed on the transplant list for a new heart. Doctors then utilized a special device to get the two-year-old boy's heart healthy enough for that transplant -- but something miraculous happened.

Two-year-old Hunter Demientiff is on the mend thanks to the exceptional care he received at the Phoenix Children's Hospital this summer.

"He actually contracted an adenovirus, like the common cold, that attacked his heart. He was mildly sick for a few months and then what brought him to the hospital is he was vomiting out of control and then they compared a chest X-ray they had done in March and found his heart was very enlarged," Hunter's mother, Gayle Demientiff told FOX6's sister station, FOX10 Phoenix.

The family from Alaska was sent to the hospital in Phoenix, because doctors believed Hunter needed mechanical support for his heart.

Little Hunter was transferred to the hospital in Phoenix, and FOX10 Phoenix reports he was immediately placed on the heart transplant list.

Doctors at the Phoenix Children's Hospital then utilized the "Berlin Heart" device -- the only device approved by the FDA for use with small children. FOX10 Phoenix reports the goal was to get Hunter's heart healthy enough for a transplant.

That's when FOX10 Phoenix reports something miraculous happened. Hunters heart began to heal. So much so -- Hunter was taken off the heart transplant list. He no longer needed a new heart.

A nurse that assisted with Hunter's care says what doctors saw with Hunter is something that's extremely rare. She told FOX10 Phoenix: "It's a big deal to be able to wean the patient off the Berlin. It's highly unusual that they recover."

Hunter's heart is now functioning at full capacity, and the little boy is getting ready to go home.

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