A shopping experience with a "little bit o' soul:" Rummage-A-Rama! continues in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Some southeastern Wisconsin shoppers simply cannot wait to get down with good deals! Many of them are making their way to State Fair Park this weekend for Rummage-A-Rama!

"I guess it's like a thrill of the hunt for me, it's kind of a hobby," said Derek Beyer, shopper.

Beyer says his hunting hobby has him at State Fair Park early Saturday morning for Rummage-A-Rama!

"You gotta get here early because that's when you get all the good stuff. The good stuff goes right away," said Beyer.

Some of that 'good stuff' as in...

"Gumby stuff for my girlfriend, she collect Gumby, so that's pretty random," said Beyer.

Reeling in the random has helped Rummage-A-Rama!'s reputation.

"People like selling here, people like shopping here -- so it continues," said Chris Steinkamp, event manager.

Steinkamp says Rummage-A-Rama has continued to attract southeastern Wisconsin for three decades, as it continues to evolve.

"This time around we have about 30 new sellers. Out of that, you know, hundred plus sellers, we have 30 new sellers. So that's, you know, every time there's something new to look forward to," Steinkamp said.

This is Brian Boyer's second season at Rummage-A-Rama!

"I'm known in here now as, "The Bobblehead Guy," so I've got regular customers that'll come in here now just looking for me," said Boyer.

Boyer operates the B-B's Bobbles kiosk and its 178 different bobbling bodies. He joins other vendors in welcoming a little friendly negotiation.

"Absolutely we'll do deals. If you're gonna buy multiple stuff, we'll always drop prices for you," said Boyer.

Boyer isn't alone in enjoying the spirit of the sales.

"I really like a shopping experience when there's a little bit o' soul behind the product," said Steinkamp.

The Rummage-A-Rama! event continues through Sunday, November 16th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the State Fair Park products pavilion.