'A serious epidemic:' Parent, anti-bullying advocate, speak out after 2nd Greenfield High School suicide

GREENFIELD -- Two students from Greenfield High School have died by suicide in the last six weeks. The father of one of the students who died in October -- devastated from his loss -- said he's determined to help others.

Carlos Hernandez said on Wednesday, Nov. 20 he was just beginning to heal and process his grief following the death of his son Anthony -- a sophomore at Greenfield High School.

Anthony Hernandez-Caballero

"He was the air that I breathe every day," Hernandez said. "I still can't believe it. I still don't understand. This is the worst pain you could ever imagine in your life"

Carlos Hernandez

Hernandez said bullying played a role in his son's death. Now, he's using his pain to help others -- teaming up with Linda Lee of Generations Against Bullying -- an organization that works to raise awareness about bullying, and to reduce bullying.

"We have a serious epidemic," Lee said.

Both Lee and Hernandez said they were saddened to learn that a second Greenfield High School student died by suicide this week.

"It hurt me that I couldn't help more, but I won't stop," Hernandez said.

"I want students to know that there is hope, that they are not alone, that this is a short time in their life, that this will, I promise, this will pass," Lee said.

Linda Lee

In a statement to FOX6, Greenfield School District Superintendent Lisa Elliott said:

"Our thoughts and our sympathies go out to the family and his friends. If you need any help or support of any kind because of this information or because of something else in your life, it is important that you go to student services at any time to get help.

Please watch out for your friends, and encourage them to receive support if they need it. Above all, please look for every opportunity to be kind to one another during this difficult time.”

Superintendent Elliott said counselors and psychologists are on-hand at the school for students needing help.

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