'A renewal, like spring:' Parishioners celebrate Easter, welcome spring in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa

MILWAUKEE/WAUWATOSA -- Churches, cathedrals and parishes were packed on Easter Sunday, April 1 in SE Wisconsin. The joyous message may brighten the future -- no matter what you believe.

Drums, trumpets and a full house heralded Easter at Christ King Parish in Wauwatosa.

Father Phillip Bogacki

"The gift of the Resurrection in things are different. New life -- and that things can be different for us in life as well," said Christ King's Pastor Father Phillip Bogacki.

Services celebrated the most holy day on the Christian calendar.

"Easter means, really, a new beginning. A new life. That's why it's in the spring," said Todd Herreid from Green River, Wyoming.

Christ King Parish in Wauwatosa

Christ King Parish in Wauwatosa

Christ King Parish in Wauwatosa

At All Peoples Church on Milwaukee's near north side, students helped with Easter brunch to help fund their trip to a national youth gathering this summer -- held in Houston, as the area continues to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

All Peoples Church

"Contribute to some of the people's lives there, and also just have a good time. Learn more. Meet new people. Help people around," said Steven Hruska with All Peoples Church.

Prepping for trip to Houston on Easter Sunday at All Peoples Church

Back at Christ King, Easter joy was both physical and spiritual, as churchgoers looked toward a bright new season.

"Easter is kind of like a renewal, like spring. Just kind of put your thoughts together and try to be a better Christian and better person overall, said Aileen Ploessl of Wauwatosa.

"Father Phillip was saying we have to look forward to what's the best possible outcome, because that's what God has promised for us," said Jane Zettel of Milwaukee.

Not a bad way to think, no matter your religion.