A night spent in jail: Those awaiting release of fellow protesters say "we'll continue to fight"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Demonstrators have been outside the Criminal Justice Facility since Friday night, December 19th, when more than 70 protesters were arrested.

A handful of protesters gathered Saturday morning outside the Milwaukee County Jail waiting for more the protesters to be released that were arrested during Friday night's march along I-43.

Richard Diaz rushed to the county jail last night at 7:30 p.m, and never went home. He says it's in solidarity to show his support for his friends that are inside.

"These people were arrested because they don't like what happened to Dontre Hamilton. These people got arrested last night because they want to see Officer Christopher Manney convicted," said Diaz, protester.

Former police officer Christopher Manney was fired for his actions that led up to the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton in April.

"We've been marching in the street since day 1 and they haven't made any arrests form that and now they say you guys are gonna get arrested if you march on the streets," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's brother.

Nate Hamilton led the protests Friday night, he now stands with others waiting for answers -- looking for their fellow protesters.

"We don't want to leave no one behind," said Nate Hamilton.

That chants grew louder and the crowd bigger as the first 20 protesters were released.

These moments savored as their fight continues.

"We'll continue to protest, we'll continue to fight for justice," said Nate Hamilton.

Nate Hamilton says as a group they play to fight the tickets and citations that were issued Friday night. They are asking for donations to help pay for them -- so far they have raised close to $6,000.