A huge award: Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe has the best Kringle in North America!

BROWN COUNTY (WITI) -- Fans of the Danish pastry, Kringle need not go further than Brown County to find the best! A bake shoppe there has been named champion of the North American Kringle Competition.

Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe in Suamico is where you can find the best sea salt caramel pecan Kringle in North America!

"Oh my God -- it's just awesome. It is just the greatest. We've been so busy with making Kringles, there's no time to sleep," Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe owner Mary Vande Walle said.

Mike and Mary Vande Wall's Kringle beat out several other bakeries from five states during the North American Kringle competition held in Madison a week ago. Even though the Vande Wall's have been in the baking business for more than a decade, they've only been making the pretzel shaped pastry for about a year.

"It's nothing fancy," Mike Vande Wall said.

It takes three days to make the dough.

"It's like a time-honored process of going through the whole routine of making good, old-fashioned Kringle dough," Mike Vande Walle said.

The Kringle has fresh pecans, sugar and LOTS of European-style butter!

"A pan of 16 would get five pounds of butter -- about eight more pounds of butter in the filling for those 16," Mike Vande Walle said.

There's just under a pound of butter in each and every Kringle -- but despite it all, customers say the pastries are delicious.

"Everything they make, I don't think you could make it better," Verna Kuschel of Suamico said.

Besides all the baked goods, there's something else you might notice about the people who work at the bake shoppe.

"We dress in Hawaiian and wear beanies all year long," Mary Vande Wall said.

The Vande Walls say work isn't worth going to if you can't have fun.

"We have fun and make people laugh. That's what our specialty is," Mary Vande Walle said.

The Vande Walles say they're in the process of creating a new website dedicated their award winning  Kringle.

CLICK HERE to visit Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe's website.