'A good time:' More than 1,000 attended Daddy-Daughter Dance at North Division HS

MILWAUKEE -- More than 1,000 attended the 17th annual Daddy Daughter Dance at North Division High School in Milwaukee Saturday, Feb. 15.

"There's a lot of negative influence, and what people say about black fathers, but as you can see, everybody here is enjoying themselves," said Vincent. "Everyone is having a good time."

Daddies, daughters, and other positive role models like Sydney Bond's grandfather, Vincent, competed for the smoothest moves.

"Teaching him the moves," said Sydney.

"I'm trying to train her to get the moves, but she's beating me so far," said Vincent.

"This makes an impact to them and their families," said Lauren Lopez-Gonzalez. "They get to spend this time with their fathers, and it's something really nice for the community to be able to enjoy."

"Playing with my friends and dancing," said Sydney.

The night wasn't complete without the fashion, with matching outfits all the rage.

"Everyone is here with their loved ones, and I enjoy this every year," said Vincent. "It's my third year. I really enjoy it."

"I'm looking forward to next year," said Sydney.