A.G. Schimel says O'Keefe videos show 'apparent violations of law'

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is reviewing what he calls “apparent violations of the law” contained in undercover videos that show Democratic operatives discussing dark, potentially illegal acts.

The videos, released this week by conservative activist James O’Keefe, show operatives bragging about disrupting one of Gov. Scott Walker’s rallies and inciting chaos at a Donald Trump event in Chicago. Critics says O’Keefe’s work isn’t credible because he has selectively edited similar videos in the past.

On one of the videos, Scott Foval, a Democratic activist in Madison, discusses certain methods of bringing out-of-state people into Wisconsin. O’Keefe accuses Democratic operatives of using these people to commit “massive voter fraud” but, because the videos have been edited, it’s not clear what the people were actually doing.

“The Attorney General is aware of these videos and very concerned about apparent violations of the law,” said Johnny Koremenos, a spokesman for Schimel. “We are evaluating and reviewing available options to address the serious questions these videos raise.”

Foval and another Democratic activist have lost their jobs in the wake of the video release. Foval says the actions he discussed were all legal and called O’Keefe’s videos “a ruse.”