A closer look at what it really means to be a U.S. Marine

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. -- Hollywood doesn't always have the most accurate portrayal of what it's like in the military -- especially life in the Marines. While yelling, training and combat are all necessary to develop a Marine, that's only one side of the story at Marine boot camp.

Plymouth native Corporal Jonathan Haasl joined the Marines after spending two years at UW-Milwaukee. Now, he's a radar technician at Air Station Miramar with a whole different perspective on the world.

"I needed something different in my life," said Haasl.

"Every Marine is a rifleman" may be the Corps' doctrine, but the values of honor, courage and commitment are instilled in every person who receives the eagle globe and anchor.

"We were there to support Japan during the tsunami last year, and we provide humanitarian relief around the globe," said Col. Brent Spahn.

Many Marines leave the service after only one enlistment. However, the experience stays with them.

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