A bald spot on his lawn leads a father to make a VERY disturbing discovery!

FLORIDA (WITI) -- A bald spot on a Florida father's lawn led him to make a very disturbing discovery!

WFTV reports the father who asked that his identity be protected saw a bald spot on his lawn outside his daughters' bedroom window. He later saw someone moving a cinder block from his backyard to underneath that window.

Florida law enforcement officials say the father then saw a man use the cinder block to peek into the bedroom shared by his eight and 10-year-old daughters.

WFTV reports deputies say the father yelled at the man to get away fromt he window, and then chased him until the man hopped a fence at a neighbor's home.

Law enforcement officials were able to recover a white napkin with DNA on it, and fingerprints from the window.

The father says he has added additional lighting around his home, and a motion sensor.

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