911 calls released in case of missing infant, Kayden Powell

BELOIT (WITI) -- 911 calls have been released in the case of Kayden Powell -- the infant who went missing from a home in Beloit last week. The baby went missing last Thursday morning, and was discovered wrapped in blankets, in a tote bag, outside a gas station in West Branch, Iowa on Friday. Meanwhile, a Colorado woman says she warned authorities about the woman who is accused of taking the baby.

The 911 calls in this case show the desperation felt by baby Kayden's mother, Brianna Marshall, as she woke up to find the baby missing.

(weeping in the background)
Dispatch: Rock County 911 where is the emergency?
(home address given)
Dispatch: Is that Beloit township?
Brianna: Yes.
Dispatch: Okay what's going on?
Brianna: My son is missing.
Dispatch: How old is your son?
Brianna: (crying) He's like four days old.
Dispatch: He's what?
Brianna: He's four days old.
Dispatch: Four days old?
Brianna: Yes.
Dispatch: Okay, was there forced entry into your home or where was your
Brianna: He was in his bassinet.
Dispatch: Who else is in the home?
Brianna: Me and my grandma, my boyfriend, and my uncle.
Dispatch: Okay, and no one has seen the baby?
Brianna: (crying) I put him to sleep in his crib...and now he's not

Dispatch: Has anyone been in the home?
Brianna: I have no idea.
Dispatch: And they have not seen the child?
Brianna: No, I just woke up and my son is not in his bassinet.
And there was a knife laying next to my bed.
Dispatch: There was a knife laying next to your bed?
Brianna: Yes.
Dispatch: Is there any blood on the knife?
Brianna: No. I picked it up, saw it was a knife, then I threw it back
down and looked over and my baby was gone.

Dispatch: Did you go to bed right after you put your baby down?
Brianna: Yes, I put my baby down and I went to sleep.
Dispatch: Okay, was everyone else sleeping?
Brianna: Yes.

Dispatch: Are there any vehicles in the driveway that should not be there?
Brianna: Yes.
Dispatch: What?
Brianna: (crying) These people are like asking me all these dumb questions.

(different woman takes the phone)

Woman: Hello?
Dispatch: Hello, are there any vehicles that should not be there?
Woman: No. My car and my daughter's car. Her sister was here earlier.
Her sister's gone and the baby's gone.
Dispatch: Okay was the sister there when she laid the baby down at 1:30?
Woman: Yes.
Dispatch: Okay. So the possible suspect is...her sister?
Woman: Yeah. Ain't nobody else been here.
Dispatch: And what is the sister's name?
Woman: I don't know what her sister's name is.
Woman to Brianna: What is your--don't run over there and start no
(expletive). What is your sister's name?
Brianna: (crying) Christine.
Woman: Christine who?
Brianna: (crying) Uh...Smith, something, I don't know!
Woman: She can't think of her last name. Her name's Christine, she
just got married. She's from Colorado, and that's where she's headed
back to right now. We just called her.

Dispatch: Okay, does she have the baby?
Woman: Uh, she claims she don't, but...
Dispatch: Okay.
Woman: Nobody else just walked in her and take him.
Dispatch: So she left after everyone else went to bed.
Woman: Yeah, we all went to bed. She was lying down too because she
had to driver back to Colorado. We get up, the baby's gone and she's
gone. Hello!
Dispatch: Was Christine by herself?
Woman: Yes she was.
Woman: Alright, well I'm gonna go, but somebody's gonna have to come
and talk to her.

Dispatch: Okay do we know what the child was last seen wearing?
Woman: Brianna what did you have on today? They want to know what the
baby was wearing. They got to know all this stuff why you crying? They
can't find him.
Brianna: They pulled them off. The clothes are all still in the bassinet!
Woman: He has no clothes on, they're in the bassinet.

Dispatch: Did Christine have anyone else with her?
Woman: No, she was by herself.

Dispatch: And you already talked to Christine?
Brianna: Yes I called her and she's balling her eyes out and told me to
call the cops.
Dispatch: Okay, and she's claiming she doesn't have the kid, correct?
Brianna: No, she wouldn't take my son!
Dispatch: Okay, alright. Is she going to be turning around and coming
back to the house?
Brianna: Most likely.
Dispatch: Okay, I've got officers pulling up, have everyone not touch
anything, okay? Wait for the officers to get inside the house. Okay?
Brianna: (crying)
Dispatch: Alright Brianna, officers are there to talk with you okay?
Brianna: (crying) okay.

In a complaint filed Friday, February 7th in U.S. District Court in Madison, 31-year-old Kristen Smith from Denver is charged with federal kidnapping in the case of baby Kayden Powell.

The complaint alleges that Smith took the infant from a home in Beloit and took the child across state lines to Iowa. Smith was arrested Thursday in Iowa on unrelated charges and is currently being held at the Cedar County Jail.

Police found baby clothes and a prosthetic pregnancy belly in the woman’s car. Smith had allegedly been telling people she was pregnant.

A woman named Indya Ford says she tried to let people know of Smith's past. She says she was in a year-long custody battle in Colorado with her ex-husband and his new wife -- Smith.

"I told the judge that nobody knows who she is. She has different aliases. I have all these police reports and she has different date of births. She has four different date of births listed here. I just had a feeling that wasn't right," Ford said.

If convicted in this case, Smith could face up to life in prison.

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