82-year-old California woman accused of living life of crime

CALIFORNIA -- An 82-year-old woman in California is accused of living a life of crime. Police say she was recently arrested in connection with a series of burglaries. Officers say she has rap sheet dating back to the 50s.

Doris Thompson doesn't look like your average career criminal, but police say she has spent decades of her 82 years behind bars.

Torrance, California police arrested Thompson on Thursday, August 30th at an El Segundo Motel for eight burglaries at doctors' offices in Torrance.

A few weeks ago, police began investigating burglary reports at offices near hospitals. Detectives reviewed surveillance video which they say revealed how Thompson was able to steal a total of $17,000.

"She would go into an office while it was open, and then hide until it was closed, and then rummage around and looked for cash."

Detectives immediately recognized Thompson and her MO from the video. They say it's exactly the way she committed a series of burglaries two years ago, when she pleaded guilty, apologetically.

"She asked to do her full three-year term in prison and asked to go directly to prison."

Thomposn was released on parole after serving only nine months. Two years later, investigators say the burglaries started up again.

Police say Thompson has a really long rap sheet with crimes like burglary and grand theft, dating back to 1955. She served time in state prison nine times and had 25 aliases.

Thompson was arrested in 1957 in connection with a murder, but was committed to a hospital after being deemed insane.