8 months in jail for Slinger man convicted after photos taken of woman at St. Vincent de Paul

Kayel Hughes Domingue

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- A Slinger man convicted in a case in which photos were taken of a woman inside a dressing room at St. Vincent de Paul was sentenced on May 31 to eight months in jail with Huber release.

Kayel Hughes Domingue, 28, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge -- attempting to capture an intimate representation, repeater. A second charge, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, repeater, was dismissed but read into the court record as a result of the plea deal. Sentencing was scheduled for May 31. The state recommended eight months in county jail.

"I saw the camera," said Aimee Bertoni, victim. "This guy just violated me."

As Bertoni tried on clothes inside St. Vincent de Paul on Washington Street in Slinger, she wasn't alone.

Bertoni said Domingue, a worker, was in the room next to her, holding his phone over the top of her fitting room -- taking photos of her.

St. Vincent de Paul in Slinger

Aimee Bertoni

"He said, 'Hello.' I said, 'I saw your phone.' Then he opened the door. I realized he's a worker," said Bertoni. "He was wearing a blue St. Vincent de Paul vest."

According to a criminal complaint, Bertoni asked the Slinger man for his phone to look at his photos.

"But he refused and ultimately walked away," said Bertoni.

St. Vincent de Paul in Slinger

St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Slinger

When police confronted him about what happened, investigators said he told them "he was just taking pictures of himself... and sharing them with a friend on Snapchat."

This wasn't the first time Hughes Dominique was accused of secretly taking intimate photos. In 2015, he was charged and convicted of three counts of capturing an image of nudity without consent.

He sentenced to probation and was later placed on the Sex Offender Registry.

After charges were filed, FOX6 News reached out to St. Vincent de Paul for a statement and to try and figure out why Hughes Dominique was hired in the first place, but our call was not returned.