600,000 gallons of liquid manure leaks in Door County; is drinking water at risk?

DOOR COUNTY (WITI) -- New details about a significant manure spill in Door County: Currently, the DNR says it's not worried about drinking water being contaminated.

Cleanup remain at the scene of the spill at a dairy farm near the Town of Brussels.

An estimated 600,000 gallons of liquid manure leaked from an above-ground pit near Brussels in southern Door County early Tuesday morning, September 16th.

The DNR says pump trucks have been working non-stop to vacuum the manure.

Some of the waste ran into Sugar Creek, but crews say the spill has been contained, and at this point, there is no indication of groundwater contamination.

"Our only concern would be that it would be able to get into the drinking water, but based on the information we have, and the location of the wells, we haven't heard of any concern associated with that," DNR Spill Coordinator Beth Erdman said.

Crews say it will take two to three more days to clean up the spill.

The DNR says the farm owner is responsible to pay for the cleanup and maybe a fine as well.