600 man hours put into prepping for Lakefront fireworks show

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Preparing for the big U.S. Bank Fireworks show along Milwaukee's Lakefront is no small feat! The company responsible for putting on the show has been planning over the last year, and crews have been in town since Friday getting everything set up.

It was a soggy morning Wednesday, July 3rd for crews working on barges filled with fireworks on Lake Michigan.

"We`ve got everything covered to protect it from the rain, so we`re good to go. From our perspective, (the rain) will only impact (the fireworks show) if we don't get anybody out to watch it," Tim Zurmuehlen with J&M Displays said.

Zurmuehlen and his crew spent five days on the Lake Michigan barges setting up thousands of fireworks. In advance of Wednesday night's show, 10 people logged 600 man hours to create the setup for the not-so-typical show.

"This is J&M`s largest single display that we do in any one location, and then in at least a four state region as far as we know, this is the largest single display," Zurmuehlen said.

Zurmuehlen says Wednesday night's event should be about an hour long and will show off some new pyrotechnic tricks while reigniting crowd favorites.

"We always try to throw in pattern shells because a lot of people like to recognize those.  You`ve got smiley faces and heart patterns and things like that.  Then there`s the big dramatic hanging effects that everybody oohs and ahhs over.  And some noise! You`ve got to have some noise!" Zurmuehlen said.

With so many effects and types of fireworks, Zurmuehlen believes this show provides something for everyone!

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