5 teens rescued from storm drain in Ohio

MASSILLON, Ohio - Police and firefighters rescued five children from a storm drain in Massillon after a flash flood swept them into a tunnel, according to WJW.

A group of kids was playing in the creek at South Sippo Park at about 3:30 p.m. when there was a flash flood, Massillon police said.

One child became stuck in the storm drain, which is connected to the creek and runs under the city into the Tuscarawas River.

Police said four children went into the water to help the first kid, but they also became trapped. A sixth child stayed on land and called 911.

Police said one victim went into the river, where an officer was able to get to him. The others were stuck 100 feet to 200 feet below.

All were taken to the fire station for evaluation. There were no serious injuries and the children were released to their parents.