5 generations unite for Christmas in East Troy; great-great-grandma meets newborn twins

EAST TROY -- Five generations of a Wisconsin family came together for Christmas in East Troy, and the gathering meant a great-great-grandmother met twin babies for the first time!

Anna and Grayson Schulze were born on Sept. 9 -- several weeks premature. They spent two months in the NICU.

Their mom said they were thrilled the twins were able to be released from the hospital in time for Christmas, and meet Great-Great-Grandma Betty, 89, for the first time.

"Feeling overwhelmed and very happy because I know Grandma's been waiting to meet them," said Jessica Schulze, mother. "Even when I was pregnant, she would call every month and just check on me and see how I was feeling. How many people can say they have five generations, and be here and celebrate it -- and many more years hopefully."

With the twins in good health, it's safe to say this family was overjoyed to simply be together this Christmas.