4-year-old boy dies of ‘dry drowning’ days after going swimming

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 4-year-old Texas boy died from "dry drowning" Saturday, several days after going swimming with his family.

Francisco Delgado went swimming over Memorial Day weekend, KHOU reports. Shortly after, "Baby Frankie" began to experience stomach issues that included vomiting and diarrhea.

Saturday morning, Frankie's father, Francisco Delgado Jr., called 911 after his son stopped breathing.

"Out of nowhere, he just woke up. He said ahhh," he told KTRK. "He took his last breath and I didn't know what to do no more."

Doctors found fluid in Frankie's lungs and around his heart and explained that he died from “dry drowning.”

Dry drowning occurs after a person inhales water and it can happen hours or even days after swimming or bathing.

Symptoms include trouble breathing, persistent coughing, sleepiness, fatigue and vomiting, the station reports.