4 police officers burned saving man who set himself on fire at Utah gas station

KAYSVILLE, Utah - Four officers are recovering after being burned while trying to help a man who doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire at a Utah gas station.

Police responded to the gas station at in Kaysville on Thursday around 2 p.m.

"Indications were he was pouring gas on himself and threatening to light himself on fire inside this Chevron convenience store," said Chief Sol Oberg of the Kaysville Police Department.

Kaysville City officials say the  suicidal man poured gasoline over himself in the bathroom and had a lighter in his hand. Several officers responded and attempted to restrain the man and take the lighter from him, at which point the man ignited the gasoline with the lighter—injuring himself and four officers.

Two of the four officers were severely injured and were taken to a burn unit at University of Utah Hospital. The other two officers were "mildly affected" and were taken to Davis Hospital.

"They were alert, they were in a lot of pain, and they were worried about each other," Oberg said of the officers.

Three of the four officers have been released from hospitals. The officer "who dealt directly with the individual on fire" is expected to make a full recovery but will need to remain in the hospital for about 10 days.

The man who set himself on fire was flown to the University of Utah's burn unit.

Randy Palmer witnessed the incident and praised the officers involved.

"Gotta hand it to someone who is willing to put their life out on the line to help somebody that's suicidal and a danger to other people as well, so, they're heroes," he told KSTU.