$33,675.00 in synthetic marijuana seized in Racine County

RACINE -- City of Racine police and Racine County Sheriff's deputies worked together in a large-scale sweep of illegal sales of K-2 (synthetic marijuana). The joint effort targeted 13 stores, K-2 was found at seven of those stores. The total estimated street value of the K-2 seized during the operation is $33,675.00.

Police caution citizens to never buy the substance, because it is illegal no matter who is selling the product. Some store owners have been duped by K-2 salesmen who say their company's reworked formula is now legal. Police say it's still similar enough to what was originally banned to still be considered illegal and highly dangerous.

According to the Racine Metro Drug Unit, the sale of K-2 carries a fine of $3201.00. The street value of K-2 is estimated at $15.00 per gram.

Police warn K-2 is very dangerous, and does not mimic the effects of marijuana. Police say K-2 causes severe hallucinations, intense paranoia and extreme anxiety.

The seized synthetic marijuana is on its way to a crime lab for testing.