32 teams of high school students take part in Business Challenge

MILWAUKEE -- 90 Milwaukee area teens are still in high school, but they could one day be running a Fortune 500 company! These teens got a taste of the CEO life Thursday afternoon as Junior Achievement held its annual "Business Challenge" at the Briggs and Stratton headquarters.

32 teams competed in the challenge, using a program that simulates decisions made when running a company. The students had to choose price and production levels while paying attention to profit and economic conditions.

One of the top teams was from Menomonee Falls. One member went to great lengths just to get a leg up for this year's competition. "I enrolled myself in AP Economics, and am currently taking a college accounting course at my high school, and that helped a lot in learning this game, and how to deal with different situations," Menomonee Falls High School student Paul Heitman.

Of the 32 teams involved in Thursday's competition, the top two will earn a trip to Sheboygan, where they will represent the Milwaukee area at the state championships in April.