31 of 108 protesters arrested in Portland after the election voted on November 8th

PORTLAND, Oregon -- Out of 108 protesters arrested in Portland following last week's election, only 31 voted, according to voter logs released by the Multnomah County Elections Division.

Among the 72 who did not vote, 36 were not registered to vote.

There was not enough information to determine whether five of the arrestees voted or were registered to vote, according to elections workers.

The numbers do not include arrested protesters under the age of 18.

Anti-Trump protesters took to the streets of Portland on election night and every night for the rest of the week, resulting in clashes with police, a riot, damage to cars and buildings and a multitude of arrests.

The Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County District Attorney's Office announced Monday, November 14th that the charges for the more than 100 people arrested would be no-complainted, or dropped for the time being, pending further review.

Police described it as procedural, due to the sheer number of arrests and cases to review from the protests before deciding on possible prosecution.

The arrestees who did not vote ranged in age from 18 to 52 years old, according to county records. The oldest person arrested who was not registered to vote was 41 years old.