$300K missing after bags money filled with $500K+ spilled from armored truck

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Nearly $300,000 remains missing a day after two bags of money fell out the back of an armored truck and set off a mad scramble by motorists to grab some of the fluttering bills, police in New Jersey said.

More than a half-million dollars spilled Thursday from a Brink's truck near MetLife Stadium, the home of the NFL's Jets and Giants.

East Rutherford police said in a statement that two bags of cash fell. One of the plastic bags had $140,000, and the other held $370,000.

Police say the bags fell from an open rear door that had a mechanical issue. Authorities said the bags opened when they hit the roadway, becoming airborne because of the wind and vehicle traffic.

The swirling cash led drivers to stop their vehicles and hop out on the highway to gather the money. There were two car crashes as a result, according to police, though it's unclear if anyone was injured.

Police say Brink's workers and other motorists recovered about $205,000 from the roadway. Five people turned in about $11,000.

Online video of the incident showed a sedan with its front bumper smashed as people walked along Route 3 during morning rush hour to pick up the cash.

About $294,000 is still missing. Police ask anyone with video of the frenzy to contact them.