3-year-old California girl dies during dental procedure

STOCKTON, Calif. – A 3-year-old girl died while undergoing a dental procedure in Stockton, California on Monday.

The coroner's office identified the girl as Daleyza Avila Hernandez, who was at the dentist to have two teeth capped and two teeth removed, according to KTXL.

The station spoke to David Thompson, the administrator of Children's Dental Surgery Center in Stockton, who says they only do general dental procedures – such as cavities and crowns.

He says the girl had a reaction to the anesthetics, was stabilized then sent to Saint Joseph's Hospital. The cause of death has not been determined.

"It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy honestly and our thoughts and prayers are really with the family right now," Thompson said.

Thompson could not give specifics on the anesthesiologist and the dentist who performed the surgery, but he says all his staff are trained extensively and have years of experience. They always have a dentist, an anesthesiologist and two other staff members in the room while patients undergo surgery.

"We’re committed to helping kids every single day. That’s our mission, that’s why we’re here, it’s risky not everyone wants to do it," he said.

Parents are not allowed in the same room during surgery because the room has to be sterile and clean.

"It’s considered a clean room and so parents can’t actually walk back in there with their street clothes on and things like that," Thompson said.