3 charged with kidnapping, attempted homicide in Manitowoc County

MANITOWOC COUNTY -- Three suspects have been charged with allegedly kidnapping a man in the Chicago area, driving to Manitowoc County, beating the man and leaving him for dead in a ditch.

Marnie Ferry, 28, Christopher Calalang, 28, and Christian Calalang, 34, are charged with attempted homicide and false imprisonment.

Initial court appearances are scheduled for Thursday afternoon, said a report on FOX11Online.com.

According to the Manitowoc Co. Sheriff's Department, deputies responded to a residence in Newton for a 57-year-old man with serious injuries to his head and body. The victim, Jose Realeza, said he was taken against his will by three men in the Chicago area, and driven to the location where he was beaten with a baseball bat and dumped. Later, Realeza was able to walk to a nearby residence to ask for help.

Realeza and Ferry had a dispute about the sale of a car - and also he believed the other three wanted to blame him for a check cashing scheme, according to the criminal complaint.

Hospital staff determined Realeza suffered injuries to his wrist, leg, back, head, and had broken ribs and a bruised lung.

The three suspects were arrested May 12 and transported to Manitowoc County earlier this week.