3 arrested after kidnapped man found naked, badly hurt in abandoned California home

FONTANA, Calif. – Two men and a woman face a slew of charges after a man was found naked and severely injured in an abandoned home in an unincorporated part of Fontana, California, authorities announced Wednesday.

Deputies were initially called to a residence on Catawba Avenue near Ceres Avenue last Thursday afternoon after a citizen reported homeless people occupying the abandoned house, according to a Fontana Sheriff's Department news release.

When they arrived, the deputies came upon three individuals leaving the residence and detained them. They also heard "shrieking cries for help" coming from inside, prompting them to enter the building, the release stated.

In the house, they encountered a naked man covered in white paint, his hands bound with rope, according to the release.

He had been severely beaten, and had traumatic injuries to his head and face, the Sheriff's Department said.

Investigators determined the victim had been kidnapped, then "beaten repeatedly with multiple blunt-force objects," according to the release. At some point, he was also submerged in a tub of water, which prevented him from breathing.

The unidentified victim was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment; deputies provided no information on his condition.

Three Fontana residents were taken into custody in connection with the incident; authorities identified them as 31-year-old Jose Alvarez, 39-year-old Roberto Gonzalez and 31-year-old Adilene Calvillo.

All three face charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and false imprisonment, according to the release.

They were booked into the West Valley Detention Center.

It was unclear if charges have been filed in the case.

Deputies indicated two other men may have been involved in the incident, but did not provide any additional information.