29-year-old man charged in death of "This is It" bartender, shot in back during apparent robbery

Jermichael Carroll

MILWAUKEE -- A 29-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in connection to the shooting death of 22-year-old Dylan Steffen.

According to a criminal complaint, Steffen -- a popular bartender at "This is It" in downtown Milwaukee, was with a friend Tuesday night, May 31st. The two went to a comedy show, and then to a few bars with another friend. Around 1:00 a.m., Steffen was shot and killed in an apparent robbery, according to police.

29-year-old Jermichael Carroll has been charged with the following in connection to the case:

    The complaint says Steffen's friend indicated they were walking near 2nd and Lapham when a man came out of a school parking lot and approached Steffen's friend, placing Steffen's friend in a headlock with one hand, holding a gun with the other hand. Steffen's friend told investigators the man told him to follow him into the parking lot and empty his pockets. Steffen's friend broke free and he and Steffen began running away.

    Steffen's friend said he then heard a gunshot and turned around. That's when he saw that Steffen had fallen to the sidewalk.

    The suspect was no longer in sight, he said.

    Steffen's friend saw that Steffen had been shot, and he dialed 911.

    Dylan Steffen

    The complaint says Steffen was alive when police arrived on scene. He was taken to the hospital, where he died. An autopsy revealed he died as a result of a single gunshot wound to his back.

    Steffen's friend later identified the suspect via a photo lineup.

    2nd and Lapham homicide

    Surveillance video from several cameras near the scene showed a white car with dark-colored front bumper and quarter panel damage, arrive in the area into the school parking lot moments before the shooting, and then speeding away from the area moments after. Photos were shown on FOX6 News of the vehicle, and a viewer tip led police to the vehicle's owner.

    2nd and Lapham homicide

    Officials interviewed the vehicle's owner, who said he had been allowing Carroll to stay at his residence and use his vehicle because Carroll had recently been released from prison. The owner of the vehicle told investigators Carroll took the car on the evening of May 30th, and did not return until well after midnight on May 31st. When Carroll returned, he was "excited, nervous and sweating, and was armed with a handgun." The man who let Carroll use his vehicle, told investigators the gun Carroll had on him had fresh marks on the slide "consistent with having been recently fired." He stated to police Carroll told him he had to "strip somebody," which he understood to mean that he had robbed someone.

    Carroll made his initial appearance in court on June 14th. His arraignment was set for June 28th, and cash bond was set at $150,000.