26-toed cat helps Rescue Center open at new location, help still needed!

GREENFIELD -- Daniel the cat's 26 toes helped save the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center and now, the center is open in a new location, and Daniel and the center still need your help!

Daniel was given new life at the no-kill Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, and in return, helped save the shelter. "We often say we saved him from certain death and he saved us. Now, we're going to save so many lives and really help the community in an outstanding way," Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center owner Amy Rowell said.

Daniel has become the face of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. Daniel's extra toes inspired thousands to write $26 checks to help the center relocate from its former Southridge Mall facility. "$26 donations came in from all over the world - Singapore, Greece, every state in the country. It's been really overwhelming," Rowell said.

Last October, the non-profit was forced out of its Southridge Mall location because the center wasn't in the mall's long-term business plan. Rowell found the new location in Greenfield at 51st and Loomis, but needed to raise over $100,000 for a down payment. "The old adage 'it all adds up, every little bit,' we totally proved that to be very, very true," Rowell said.

However, the work is not over. Rowell is now looking to pay off the remaining balance of about $110,000. "I understand people want to donate to save lives, but they need to understand by helping us pay for the property, then all of our fundraising efforts and all of our donations that come in will go directly towards animal care," Rowell said.

Rowell is challenging animal lovers throughout the world to donate the same way - $1 for every one of Daniel's 26 toes.

CLICK HERE to make a donation via the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center's website.

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