22nd Annual Spring River Cleanup: Volunteers grab trash bags and get to work

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of volunteers came together to clean up the Milwaukee River on Saturday, April 22nd. It was all part of the 22nd annual Spring River Cleanup.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper hosted the event which took place at more than 50 locations along the Milwaukee River.

Volunteers were given gloves, trash bags and free T-shirts in exchange for the motivation to go pick up trash.


Organizers hope the event motivates others to care about the river.

"A lot of that plastic I think we don't think about, especially Styrofoam. But really all types degrade down into smaller pieces and then when they get small by fish and aquatic life, turtles, amphibians and it can really cause the death of a lot of wildlife or impair survival and reproduction," said Cheryl Nenn, Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

It's not just garbage the volunteers find, last year they uncovered a large historic wagon wheel.