2016 campaign for the United Performing Arts Fund is now underway

MILWAUKEE -- The United Performing Arts Fund launched its 2016 campaign last week. Deanna Tillisch with UPAF joined the Studio A team to tell us much more about this worthy cause.

About UPAF (from website)

The UPAF mission statement is three-fold:

  1.  Raise much-needed funds to ensure entertainment excellence

  2.  Promote the performing arts as a regional asset

  3.  Responsibly steward the dollars our donors so generously give us

As an umbrella fundraising organization, UPAF’s support allows 15 Member Groups, including First Stage, Florentine Opera Company, Milwaukee Ballet, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Skylight Music Theatre, to focus more of their efforts on what they do best – creating, performing, educating and inspiring.