20-year-old Racine man faces three gun-related charges

RACINE -- 20-year-old Xavier Fields faces three gun-related charges for an incident involving a relative's gun.

Fields faces the following charges in connection with the incident: possession of a firearm on grounds of a school, carrying a concealed weapon and pointing a firearm at another.

A criminal complaint in the case says Fields' uncle loaned a gun to Fields' mother after Fields was reportedly "jumped." Fields' uncle told police he thought Fields' mother should have the gun for protection.

Fields' uncle told police he had lost possession of the gun before, and had recently gotten it back after it had been missing for several years.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates Fields was jumped again on November 22nd, when he reportedly left his home to walk to his grandmother's house. Fields told police he concealed the weapon in his sweatshirt before leaving his home. 

In an alley less than 200 feet from Jefferson Lighthouse School, Fields told police he was approached by a minivan and a man started striking him in the head. After being hit, Fields told police he produced the gun and pointed it at a second individual and pulled the trigger, at which point the gun clicked.

Fields told police it was his intention to fire the gun and shoot the second individual. 

When the gun did not fire, a scuffle ensued and Fields was struck again, causing him and the gun to fall to the ground. One of the men in the group grabbed the gun and all of the attackers fled.

Because Fields freely admitted to several crimes to police, he was taken into custody.