$20 per hour: American Family Insurance group companies raise minimum pay

MADISON -- American Family Insurance has upped its employee pay game -- literally. Employees for the group's companies will receive a minimum hourly rate of $20 per hour, the company announced Jan. 24.

The raise, which has been put in effect retroactive to Jan. 1, is designed to help attract and retain talent and create a positive impact on employees and communities, the company says.

Nearly 1,700 employees will see their hourly wage increase. The company employs 13,500 people across the country. The company did not specify what the previous minimum hourly rate was for employees.

The increase applies to all companies within the American Family Insurance group across the country, including American Family Insurance, based in Madison, Wisconsin and American Family Connect Property and Casualty Insurance Company, the proposed new legal name of a De Pere, Wisconsin-based insurer (Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance) American Family Insurance group acquired last October.