18-year-old facing felony charges after samurai sword attack

18-year-old Robert Markwardt faces three felony charges, including armed robbery, after police say he attacked Jordan Lass, who was hanging out with his ex-girlfriend with a four-inch samurai sword. Lass was slashed multiple times, and required 19 stitches for five lacerations.

Lass was inside a Village of Sturtevant home Monday, when police say Markwardt walked in and attacked him. Lass says he believes Markwardt was "insanely jealous." Pictures show the injuries following the attack - fresh wounds that were tended to. Following the attack, in a mix of shock and adrenaline, Lass asked Markwardt for a ride to the hospital. They made the trip, and Lass says he recalls Markwardt boasting about the assault.

"He called up one of his buddies about what he had just done," Lass said.

Court documents say shortly thereafter, Markwardt was taken into custody and confessed to the police.

"I hope he goes to jail for a really long time," Lass said.

Lass says it will be about two weeks before he's fully recovered. If convicted, Markwardt could face up to 41 years in prison.