13 years in prison for Tyshawn Combs in crash that killed woman, injured her infant daughter

Tyshawn Combs

MILWAUKEE -- Tyshawn Combs, 22, was sentenced to 13 years in prison and five years' extended supervision Monday, Dec. 16 after a fatal crash in February on Highway 145 near 91st Street. Combs' sentencing hearing resumed Monday afternoon after a fiery start Thursday, Dec. 12. There were no issues in court Monday.

Combs pleaded guilty to second-degree reckless homicide and second-degree reckless injury in the killing NicoleRay Brown, who died Feb. 22, after the crash Feb. 19. Brown's infant daughter was also hurt in the wreck.

In court Thursday, Brown's mother spoke for 25 minutes.

"I want you to die, Tyshawn," said Beatrice Brown. "I want you dead. Go to your cell and kill yourself. I hate you."

She said nothing the judge would do on this day would bring her peace.

"I will admit, any time you give him, it truly won't satisfy me as long as he got breath in his body," Brown said.

NicoleRay Brown and Journee

What happened

Crash on Highway 145 near 91st Street

According to the criminal complaint, deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the crash scene around 11:20 p.m. Feb. 19. Once on the scene, they "observed a 2015 black Honda Civic that appeared to be torn in half." NicoleRay Brown was ejected from the vehicle and suffered massive head trauma and broken bones. Their 5-month-old child, Journee, was taken to Children's Hospital with a brain bleed.

Combs' statement

The complaint said Combs remained on the scene -- and admitted to driving the car. He told deputies "he was at a red light when a Chevrolet Malibu drove past at a high rate of speed." Combs stated that once the light turned green, he began to travel at approximately 40 miles per hour and observed the Malibu now swerving in front of him and trying to cut him off. Combs stated that he tried to brake and lost control, sliding towards the median wall.

Crash on Highway 145 near 91st Street

Witness statements

Witnesses told investigators a different story about what happened at the crash site. The complaint said one witness told them "he was traveling northbound on 145 when he observed the Honda and a silver vehicle that approached his position at a high rate of speed." That witness said, "it appeared they were racing." A second witness also indicated the two vehicles appeared to be racing.

Crash investigation

A member of the crash reconstruction unit conducted a download of the airbag control module in the Honda, which prosecutors said showed the Honda was traveling at approximately 107 miles per hour (in a 55 mph zone) less than five seconds before impact. Officials also determined "the car seat (for the child) was not attached to the car as there was no damage to the connections or belt."

The complaint said the vehicle, traveling at the high rate of speed, slid towards the median wall when the driver lost control and struck a light pole -- which severed the vehicle, ejecting Brown and the baby.

Statements from mothers of suspect, victim after the crash

Darlene and Tyshawn Combs

After the crash, Darlene Combs, Tyshawn's mother, told FOX6 News she believes another vehicle struck the vehicle her son was driving. Darlene Combs wasn't in the vehicle at the time, and there was no evidence to support her claim that the vehicle her son was driving ended up being hit from behind by another vehicle.

"He wouldn't be racing with his child in the -- he loves that baby too much," said Darlene Combs.

Darlene Combs disputed prosecutors' claims that data downloaded from the vehicle showed Combs was traveling at 107 miles per hour seconds before impact. She said another driver hit Combs' vehicle from behind, causing the wreck.

Beatrice Brown

"Somebody hit my child. Somebody hit my child! It was a 2010 Malibu that jumped out and cut him off. That's what I'm thinking it was -- a road rage or something like that," said Darlene Combs. "Yes, my son -- he was not a perfect child. He made mistakes, but no one can judge my son but God."

NicoleRay Brown's mother has always been adamant that Combs "intentionally killed my baby," and this was no accident.

"My daughter was planning on leaving him," said Brown after the crash. "His mom, she can get a call from her son. She can get a phone call. I'm not going to get a phone call. You just don't do this. You don't do this."