100 spectators injured by falling fireworks in Hangzhou, China

HANGZHOU, China -- Nearly 100 spectators were injured during a fireworks display at the opening of the West Lake International Expo on Saturday, October 13th in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

The fireworks show started above Hangzhou's West Lake and the Grand Canal, both popular tourist sites.

A scurry of fireworks, which organizers billed as low-altitude and low-pollution, fell into the audience standing by the Grand Canal, injuring at least 100 people.  

"I was thinking of going home earlier than the display closed, but suddenly something unidentified rushed towards us before I realized what it was. I saw my husband lying on the ground and I picked him up. At that time, the site was in a mess as the fireworks fell and bounced from the ground . Then we hurried to escape the site," Mrs. Mao, a resident said.

Another spectator reported to the police that she received some injuries on her back while watching the show.

Many of the injured were discharged from the hospital, while five others remained hospitalized for observation and further treatment of their wounds like facial and ear burns.

Other patients suffered from skin burns, as their clothing was either burned or torn.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.