1 of 3 men prosecutors say men sexually assaulted, burned 16-year-old girls sentenced to prison

MILWAUKEE -- One of three men accused of holding two Milwaukee teenagers captive and sexually and physically abusing them has been sentenced to prison.

Wesley Brechlin, 22, on June 18 pleaded guilty to three charges:

    In court on Wednesday, July 17, Brechlin was sentenced to serve three years in prison and four years' extended supervision on each of the child abuse charges, to be served consecutively to each other, for a total of six years in prison and eight years' extended supervision. On the third conviction, he was sentenced to serve nine months in the House of Correction, which was ordered to be served concurrently. He also received credit for 100 days' time served.

    The other two men have jury trials scheduled for August.

    Jarmon Turner, 21, of Milwaukee, and Antwon Alexander, 28, of Milwaukee each face the following charges:

      According to prosecutors, the victims, two 16-year-old girls, said they were sexually assaulted by the men at an abandoned home near 24th and Chambers. They said they were then taken to a home near 7th and Galena -- where prosecutors said they were burned with hot knives and threatened with a gun.

      Jarmon Turner, Antwan Alexander, Wesley Brechlin

      Neighbors near 24th and Chambers condemned the actions prosecutors said happened there.

      "I see people going in and out of that house," said Peggy McMurray. "There shouldn't be anyone there."

      McMurray said she wishes she could have stopped it.

      "I could have let them know there shouldn't be anyone there in that house," said McMurray. "I can't get them kids out of my mind."

      Abandoned home near 24th and Chambers

      Abandoned home near 24th and Chambers

      According to a criminal complaint, the victims identified the suspects as "Country" (Wesley Brechlin), "Leon" (Antwan Alexander) and "JT" (Jarmon Turner).

      The girls said after they were sexually assaulted near 24th and Chambers, in the early morning hours of Jan. 25, the men took them to a home near 7th and Galena -- where one victim said "Leon" (Alexander) burned them after "heating up a knife from the stove." She said "Country" (Brechlin) blocked the door. She said "Country" (Brechlin) also burned her, and "Leon" (Alexander) threatened them with a gun. She said "Leon" (Alexander) rubbed salt into the burns and "JT" (Turner) poured lemon juice into them.

      The second victim said "Leon" (Alexander) burned her and "Country" (Brechlin) held her down. She said at one point, "Country" (Brechlin) stuffed the other victim's tank top in her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She said "Leon" (Alexander) poured salt into the burns and "JT" (Turner) poured lemon juice into them.

      According to the complaint, at one point, Alexander "pulled the skin off of their legs," and with the girls screaming and crying, threatened them with the gun, telling them they were being too loud.

      The complaint said one victim suffered 11 burns, and the other two deep burns.

      According to prosecutors, Brechlin called the girls, "little trap (expletive)" and "admitted to hitting them upside the head." He also admitted to "consensual sex" with the victims.

      Home near 7th and Galena