You can now play FootGolf at the Moor Downs Golf Course

WAUKESHA -- FootGolf was added to Moor Downs Golf Course starting June 15th. The National Golf Foundation Consulting, Inc. (NGF) has seen dozens of courses in the Midwest and elsewhere introduce FootGolf as a way to encourage people to experience the golf course and enjoy a modified golf experience. FootGolf allows a course to diversify its property and create more revenues from its operations. Moor Downs is accredited by the American FootGolf League.

FootGolf is the combination of golf and soccer played at your local golf course. It is played by kicking a soccer ball on a golf course with the objective of getting the ball into an oversized (21-inch in diameter) hole in the fewest amount of kicks. It’s 99% golf, minus the equipment.

Moor downs will have an 18-hole course, however you can play 9-holes if you choose. CLICK HERE to learn more.