You can now get a taste of the Bucks playoff excitement for breakfast at O&H Danish Bakery

RACINE -- You can now get a taste of the Milwaukee Bucks playoff excitement for breakfast. O&H Danish Bakery is cooking up something special.

About O&H Danish Bakery (website)

For us, everything starts and ends with family. That is why when you walk into one of our stores, email us, or give us a call we strive to treat you the same way that we would our own family. Warm smiles, good conversations and great people - this is what we believe in having every single day.

We simply believe that in order to make great bakery you have to do it the right way - with no shortcuts. That is why we still use traditional recipes and baking methods handed down from past generations. It is also why we still make our bakery and fillings from scratch because how you make it matters.

We are honored when our customers choose us for their bakery and so we want your danish delight to be perfect down to the very last bite. If for some reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us and we will make it right. Call us old fashioned, but that is exactly the way our parents taught us.