You can never have too many books: Now you can add some local flair to story time

MILWAUKEE -- You can never have too many books - and now you can add a little local flair to story time. Angie Buelow, author of Goodnight Milwaukee joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about the book and some homeschooling activities that go along with it.

Madison residents Angie and Ben Buelow have a fanatic's love toward their state. They wrote Goodnight Madison after being inspired by their vast collection of goodnight books from places they have traveled, which was their go-to vacation gift for their boys.

With the success of Goodnight Madison, the Buelows launched their blog WiscKids Books and wrote some more books. Goodnight Madison and Goodnight Milwaukee, contain local spin on a classic bedtime story, showcasing why these Wisconsin destinations are the best places to say goodnight to.