You and Your Dog is 'meant for dogs and owners who need to brush up their dog's behavior issues'

OCONOMOWOC -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at You and Your Dog on Oconomowoc learning how to train dogs.

About You and Your Dog (website)

You and Your Dog is a once in a life time opportunity for your dog to receive the training and behavior education that they deserve.

We offer multiple different options to best fit You and Your Dog. We specialize in Board and Train, Daily Balance, Private Lessons and Puppy Pre-School, and group classes. Our trainers are top notch and hand selected from our dog training program. We will be offering multiple locations all over the country, so be sure to stay tuned to see where are new locations will be popping up. We look forward to chatting with you about your dog and your behavioral needs!

You and Your Dog is meant for dogs and owners who need to brush up their dog's  behavior issues. We focus on dogs that struggle with behavioral issues such as: jumping, pulling on walks, dog aggression, people reactivity, separation anxiety, dogs that want to learn to be 100% off leash, dogs who bark and pull and lunge at other dogs or objects out on walks, dogs that run away, dogs that chase cars, dogs that bolt out of the front door, dogs that act inappropriate when guests come over, dogs that want to go after the mail carriers etc. We are strictly a behavior training business that is dedicated to your dogs behavioral issues.  This learning opportunity is meant for owners who will follow through with their dogs education as well.