Winter fun for the whole family at the Rock Snowpark

FRANKLIN -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Rock Snowpark -- checking out some of the winter activities you can do.

FAQ's (Website)

Is the Rock Snow Park run by Little Switzerland?

Yes, The Rock Snowpark now has the same ownership as Little Switzerland.

Is there a joint season pass?

Yes!  All season passes at both The Rock Snowpark and Little Switzerland will be valid at both hills.  Upgrade your season pass to a SNO Pass and have unlimited access to the slopes of Nordic Mountain.

Is the Rock Snowpark only a tubing park and terrain park?

No. We will offer a great tubing park at the Rock and expanded on the terrain park offerings.

We are also looking forward to bringing back skiing and boarding for families to enjoy!  Watch for the website in the next couple of weeks for exciting new changes!

What else will be changing at The Rock Snowpark?

  • All new High Speed Rope Tow

  • Updated snowmaking and infrastructure

  • Expansion of our Learn To Program to meet the needs of area families

  • Improvements to the beginner terrain

  • Upgrades to some of the facilities

  • and more!

Will you be re-opening the Bike Park at the Rock Snowpark?

At this point we plan to continue operating our acclaimed Switz Bike Park.  While we haven't ruled out re-opening the Bike Park at the Rock, there are not plans in the immediate future to re-open it.