Viral video: FOX6 reporter gets nailed in the face with snowball ahead of live shot

MILWAUKEE -- A wild behind-the-scenes moment was captured on FOX6 WakeUp -- and it's now gone viral online.

During weather coverage Wednesday morning, December 13th, FOX6 Reporter Amy DuPont was preparing for a live shot when she was hit in the face with a snowball -- and her reaction is priceless!

Not to worry as it was all in good fun. Amy's photographer, Eddie, accidentally nailed her in the face as a joke and quickly apologized afterwards. You can see his remorse in the clip as he runs to help brush the snow off her face.

No one was injured during the live shot, and Amy handled it like a pro -- but she did say she nearly lost a fake eyelash!

The video was posted to Facebook and has since gone viral, gathering more than 57,000 views and over 340 shares.

Websites like Imgur, Mashable and Hollywood Life have also picked up on the hilarious moment.

Photographer Eddie better watch his back because revenge could be sweet!