Valentine's Day ideas: Chip checks out Spargo Salon & Day Spa

PEWAUKEE -- Chip is checking out Valentine's Day ideas all week. Today he spent the day at Spargo Salon and Spa for a female-focused spa day.

About Spargo Salon & Spa (website)

In 1999, the idea of Spargo originated at a bar with several close friends who were hair stylists discussing how they loved their careers but were disgruntled with their employers. We began pondering the idea of starting a new salon. From the meeting in 1999, the core group invited other professionals into our idea of a new Salon/Spa. That idea grew into a reality in July 2000. Since day one, as a team, we have exceeded our growth in all areas and truly sapped the physical capabilities of our original location, prompting the initiative to expand Spargo.

Spargo's main differentiator is our people. It may sound clich�', but all of us are in fact best friends. We work together and have a great deal of fun together. It is our culture to have several social events together, many not sanctioned by Spargo. New employees tend to be current friends, family or are referred by Spargo's employees. Our customers recognize and compliment us on the genuine happiness and cheerfulness of our employees and our atmosphere.