Tim Boehm demonstrates how to go green inside your home

You can lower the number on your energy bill each month by making upgrades to your home that will improve efficiency while saving you money. For instance, swapping out your water heater to a hybrid electric version can save you more than $200 a year. Another option to consider is a space-saving, energy efficient tankless water heater, which provides continuous hot water. Finding the right water heater involves fuel sources, capacity, dimensions and efficiency. Once you decide which water heater is right for you, if you feel uneasy about making the swap yourself, you can trust The Home Depot Home Services professionals to install the new unit. If you are not in the market for a new water heater, another simple idea to consider is repairing your HVAC system. You would be surprised by the difference that furnace repair can have on the efficiency of a home, and on the energy bill associated!

Saving money is as easy as changing a light bulb – literally! Changing just five light bulbs from traditional incandescent to new LEDs or CFLs can save consumers up to $200 over the life of the bulb, and making the switch to LED light bulbs can save the country $250 billion in energy costs. The upfront cost of LEDs has kept some consumers from making the switch, despite the long-term savings possibilities. But there is good news – the cost of LED light bulbs is declining by 20 percent per year.