There is no shortage of places to work out, 'but there is no where like SPENGA'

BROOKFIELD -- If you're looking for a new type of fitness experience, there's a studio in Brookfield that may have what you need. Spenga combines three essential elements of fitness to create what they claim is the best workout ever.

About Spenga (website)

There is no shortage of places to work out, but there is no where like SPENGA. Created to fill a void in the fitness market, SPENGA is the only studio of its kind. Designed to improve endurance, strength and flexibility in just one hour, SPENGA offers an unparalleled fitness experience.

Backed by the expertise of industry-leading fitness professionals, SPENGA incorporates the most efficient, effective and up-to-date exercise concepts. The goal? To help members achieve their fittest selves without having to go to three different places to find it. For that reason, every workout is adaptable to multiple fitness levels.

Discover the SPENGA experience for yourself by visiting one of our invigorating, multisensory studios. We promise you’ll leave feeling strong, energized and revitalized.