The Waukesha County Fair 'is proud to be the oldest fair in the state of Wisconsin'

WAUKESHA -- Live concerts, great food, rides, games and of course animals -- it's where Waukesha County comes together to enjoy it all. Brian Kramp spent the morning previewing the Waukesha County Fair.

Waukesha County Fair (website)

The Waukesha County Fair is proud to be the oldest fair in the state of Wisconsin. This year, we’re celebrating our 177th Anniversary with special events and promotions throughout the 5-day Fair run.

Being the oldest Fair in the state, we love our history and roots and want to share them for all to know. The first Waukesha County Fair was held in 1842 in a poplar grove on Carroll Street in Prairieville.

It was a gala 4th of July Celebration, complete with fireworks and a festive dinner. One of the day’s highlights included a plowing match between the farmers, with about $40 in premiums awarded to the winners. The highest single premium was $3 for the best yield of corn from one acre.