'The very best to be had:' Mullen's Dairy Bar serves up homemade ice cream, burgers

WATERTOWN -- It's been a tradition in Watertown for nearly 90 years. Brian Kramp spent the morning at Mullen's Dairy Bar learning how they make their handcrafted burgers.

About Mullen's Dairy Bar (website)

When Frank Mullen Sr., began a new dairy and milk route in 1911, it would mark the beginning of the Mullen family dairy legacy in Wisconsin. The route began near the Mullen’s farm on the southwest side of Watertown where Frank delivered butter, milk, and cream. As business grew, many said Frank’s products were “the very best to be had.”

In 1932, Mullen’s Dairy was officially founded by Frank Mullen Sr. and his sons, Frank Jr. and Weber, in a small building just west of its current location becoming the area’s only bottler and distributor of Grade 'A' Milk in the Watertown area. A third son Gerry joined the business seven years later, and the milk bottling operation moved to its present site. By 1940, the three brothers added ice cream production while milk route sales boomed following World War II with the use of Divco stand-drive trucks.