"The product sells itself:" KP Toffee opens first retail store in Sturtevant

STURTEVANT -- KP Toffee, the Premium Gourmet English Toffee Company out of Sturtevant, WI will open their first Retail Store at 9600 Durand Avenue, Sturtevant on Monday April 5th.

KP Toffee started in the Kitchen of Karen Peltier in 2007.  Over the next eight years, Peltier grew the business to over 130 outlets in the Midwest.   In 2015, Ms. Peltier sold the Company to Lake Bluff, IL Businessman, Mike Clark.

In the last twelve months, Clark has more than doubled sales and distribution.   KP Toffee is now being sold in 340 outlets throughout the Midwest.  Clark has expanded outside the traditional grocery store markets.  KP Toffee is now sold in Coffee shops, Hotels, Resorts, Wine shops, Casinos, Hospital gift shops.

The Premium Gourmet Toffee is now sold outside the Midwest throughout the Country.

“We’ve got a premium, Award-Winning Toffee made right here in Wisconsin.  The product sells itself.  We use Non-GMO almonds, Non-hydrogenated Chocolate, no artificial preservatives. It’s very smooth and perfectly crisp. We’re unlike all other toffees. We just need to get people to try us.  Once they taste KP, we have a great chance of a long-term, loyal customer. So come by our new store and try a sample or email our Website and we’ll send you a free sample. “, Said Clark.

For Clark, the retail shop was just another new opportunity for growth.  The small shop sits adjacent to the commercial kitchen and will be open Monday thru Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It’s a cautious start, but it may just be the beginning of more stores.