The F45 Challenge 'will help you achieve your goals in every way possible'

BROOKFIELD -- There's a new gym in Brookfield that claims to have the most innovative and challenging workout in the world. Brian Kramp spent the morning  learning about F45 Training -- a new fitness technique that claims to leave you gasping for air. CLICK HERE to book a two week free trial membership.

About F45 Training (website)

When it comes to weight loss, correct nutrition is vital. F45 Challenge gives you your own personal nutritionist to help you achieve your health objectives, which can be to reduce body fat, get leaner, feel better about yourself or a combination of each. The daily meal plans help keep your nutrition on the right track.

F45 Training was developed as a community based training environment that offer support and assistance to people seeking to achieve their health and weight loss goals. As part of our F45 Challenge you can invite friends and compare your points progress throughout the Challenge.